Learn to Virtually Build Your Network
With IMDbPro

A 3-part Online Masterclass 

A single well-written outreach email can change the direction of your career...
but only if it's sent to the right person (at the right time).


Learn in this self-guided Masterclass how to use IMDbPro* to build a robust list of the right creative professionals you should reach out to so they can open doors in your career you previously only dreamed of.

*If you do not already have a paid IMDbPro subscription, they offer a free 30-day trial.

In this brand new Masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to use the many basic and advanced features that IMDbPro offers to build a list of hundreds of contacts you could potentially connect with to ask advice, seek mentorship, set up lunch meetings, schedule shadowing opportunities, or even land your next gig!
  • How to specifically use the 'Network' feature to better understand your 'Concentric Circles of Networking' so you can use your existing relationships to facilitate mutual introductions
  • How to reduce the overwhelm of not knowing who to contact next by prioritizing your list of hundreds down to the EXACT person that's the perfect fit to reach out to next based on your unique career journey
  • How to find (almost) anyone's email address using various strategies, search tactics, and marketing tools & plug-ins

This Masterclass Includes:

3 Simple-to-Follow Tutorials

Learn how to build your list, prioritize it, and find the contact information you need to create new relationships. In less than an hour you'll be using IMDbPro like a ninja and using your new Google Sheet to build your network of contacts.

Google Sheet Template

Don't like spreadsheets? I've got you covered. This workshop includes my proprietary Google Sheet research template that not only organizes your contact list but also prioritizes it so you always know who to contact NEXT.


Finding Contact Info

Tired of hitting a wall every time you want to reach out to someone but can't find their contact info? I'll show you my best tips, strategies, and tools I use to find (almost) anyone's primary contact info.

The following is an excerpt of the training in this Masterclass that specifically demonstrates how your Google Spreadsheet template will help you organize & prioritize the most important people you should reach out to NEXT.

Stop waiting for career opportunities to find you.

Make career opportunities happen by building a network of the right people who want to help you achieve your goals.