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The 'Working From Home' Survival Guide

Learn how to stay energized, focused, and maintain your sanity during uncertain times

This FREE package includes my most popular Masterclass as well as my 'Activity Video Vault' (no strings attached):

1. LIFETIME ACCESS to my 4-part Masterclass on 'How to Develop the Habit of Deep Work' with over 70 minutes of video training:

  • Learn how to better manage your creativity amongst the chaos of external noise, distractions, and interruptions
  • Learn how to rearrange your work environment and daily habits so you can get more done in less time
  • Learn every tool and strategy I recommend to master the art of 'Time Blocking' (which you'll need now more than ever)

» BONUS #1: Your 'Quickstart Guide to Mastering Deep Work' PDF Checklist

  • Use this checklist as a step-by-step guide to train your 'focus muscle' no different than a marathon runner trains for a race

» BONUS #2: Podcast Interviews

  • This Masterclass includes not one but two podcast interviews with 'Deep Work' creator and bestselling author Cal Newport*
  • Both interviews include transcript PDF files

» BONUS #3: Learn How to Play 'Calendar Tetris' with my favorite program BusyCal

Includes two additional BONUS lessons to take your time blocking skills to a whole new level by Playing the Game of 'Calendar Tetris.'

in this 35-min in-depth tutorial learn how I:

  • Block out my most important obligations for the week
  • Deal with calendar conflicts
  • Balance personal & work obligations with my health & fitness
  • An example of how I prioritize my ENERGY instead of my TIME
  • Organize my to-do list on my calendar (so I can ditch the list altogether afterwards)
  • Break down larger projects into individual task blocks
  • Prioritize and estimate how long something will ACTUALLY take (instead of just guessing)
  • Transform Friday afternoons into productive time (instead of dead time)

2. LIFETIME ACCESS to the 'Move Yourself Activity Video Vault'

  • Contains over 90 short videos to help you stay active, energetic, and focused while working at a sedentary workstation

» Vault #1: The 'Energy & Focus Library

  • Quick activities that can be done in 1-5 minutes to help you level up your energy and focus
  • Breathing exercises to help you increase focus and decrease anxiety

» Vault #2: The 'Pain Relief & Mobility' Library

Designed and demonstrated by licensed chiropractors, this portion of the video vault contains over 80 educational & instructional videos, exercises, and routines to help you eliminate:

  • Chronic & Acute Pains
  • Radiating Pain 
  • Numbness & Tingling

» Vault #3: The 'Office Yoga' Library

Designed and demonstrated by a certified yoga instructor, this portion of the video vault contains:

  • 20 Yoga routines (from 5-20 minutes) specifically designed to be done in an office or small space
  • Routines designed to help you reverse the effects of sitting (or standing) all day
  • Breathing exercises and tutorials for beginners
  • BONUS: A morning yoga routine to help you start the day with energy (and alleviate anxiety)
  • BONUS: An evening routine to help you wind down and calm your racing thoughts before bed