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Virtually Build Your Network with IMDbPro (Beta Access)

A single well-written outreach email can literally change the direction of your career...but only if it's sent to the right person at the right time (with your specific career goals in mind).

Learn in this 5-lesson, self-guided Masterclass how to use IMDbPro to build a robust list of creative professionals you can reach out to so they can help you open doors in your career that you previously only dreamed of.

Registration Includes IMMEDIATE Lifetime Access to:

1. Over 60 minutes of "Follow-as-you-go" video tutorials (Lynda.com style) to help you better understand how to use the various networking features in IMDbPro to identify and build your ideal network of contacts, no matter the area of the industry you work in (or hope to transition to next).

2. Access to my proprietary, custom-built Google Sheet that allows you to build, organize, and prioritize an infinite number of contacts so you always know who to connect with NEXT. (Trust me - this is worth the price of admission all by itself)

BONUS: The "Find (Almost) Anyone's Contact Info" Guide

Tired of hitting a wall every time you want to reach out to someone but can't find their contact info? I'll show you my best tips, strategies, and tools I use to find (almost) anyone's primary contact info.

BONUS: The "Insider's Guide to Writing Amazing Outreach Emails"

Identifying the right person to contact next is a great head start, but let's make sure you don't blow it by sending them a crappy email!

Real-World Case Studies:

OMG, this was a paradigm shift for my networking! Targeting the right people is key, and this process makes that way more efficient. I have started more conversations with the right people during this pandemic than any other time.

Rich Mori, Unscripted AE