Build Your Dream Network (Networking Ninja Bundle)

Learn to Strategically Target the Right People to Land Your Next Dream Job

Go from “I have no idea who to reach out to (or why)” to having an organized list of EXACTLY the right people who can open career doors you never imagined possible!

Here's what you get upon enrollment:

✔ The FULL “Build Your Dream Network” Self-Study Course

✔ BONUS GUIDE: How to Find (Almost) Anyone’s Email Address

✔ BONUS INTERVIEWS: Includes multiple in-depth interviews with industry experts to help you design the next steps in your creative career

PLUS: The Way Of The Networking Ninja Course ($497 VALUE)

Includes the Following:
✔ 4+ Hours of video training
✔ 1hr+ Bonus Q&A and outreach email teardowns

In this course you’ll learn how to:

✔ Craft the perfect cold outreach email (that people will actually respond to!)

✔ Overcome the #1 mindset barrier that keeps 99% of people from sending cold outreach

✔ Provide value in such a way you no longer sound “desperate” and can instead start a genuine relationship (as opposed to completing a transaction)

✔ Connect with complete strangers in such a way they are absolutely DELIGHTED you reached out (no matter how much further they might be in their career than yours)

✔ Use my “VSA Formula” to make it super easy for anyone to understand how they can help you (which makes it more likely they’ll respond to your message)

BONUS CASE STUDY: From Corporate to Hollywood with a Single Cold Email ($297 VALUE)

3+ hours of bonus interviews & student hot seats

In this case study you’ll learn how Marian:

✔ Went from blindly sending hundreds of applications to recruiters to finding the single most important person on the planet to help her achieve her goals

✔ Drafted a single outreach message that led to a free 3-hr Zoom call (3 hours!!!)…without even asking for it.

✔ Ultimately went from that Zoom call to two job interviews (one with the head of the studio for her dream job) and then being offered her dream gig AS THE ONLY APPLICANT.

Marian literally talked the head of a major studio into opening a position just for her…and they gave it to her!

What People Are Saying:

I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😭 Thank you so much Zack, I would not be here at all if it weren’t for you and this program and the Optimizer community! You are a treasure to this industry.This has been a life-changing experience!

Marian Shammas, Junior VFX Coordinator (Crafty Apes)

This process has given me the courage to reach out to people I NEVER in my LIFE would have before, because it’s helped me see a common ground that allows me to provide value. The spreadsheet alone made the program worth the time and money spent.

Jill Calhoun, Film & TV Editor

I have a total mindset shift now when it comes to networking and representing myself that I know will help me for the rest of my life.

Erik Vogt-Nilsen, Scripted Assistant Editor

$797.00 USD

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