Are You Productive or Just ‘Busy’?

Take the quiz to see how effectively you’re using your time

Are you able to put your head on the pillow each night confident the actions you took were in alignment with your personal goals and you’re one step closer (no matter how small) to reaching them?

Or are you spinning your wheels all day doing ‘stuff’ but feel like you actually never accomplish anything (besides putting out everyone else’s fires)?

Before searching for the next productivity hack or time management app, answer these 7 questions first to better determine not only how productive you are, but then learn how you can personally become more effective with your time and GET SH*T DONE.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive my toolkit: Design Your Ideal Week in 7 Simple Steps which will provide you with the clear, simple steps necessary to transform your calendar from a to-do list into a clear system that will guide you towards your personal and professional goals by aligning your time with your most important values (all while maintaining your time, energy, and sanity).