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Creative Burnout Doesn't Have to Be Inevitable

If you're anything like me, you've probably thought to yourself, "It just doesn't have to be this hard."

There are few things more rewarding than making a living as a "creative," but there are also few things more exhausting.

You spend long hours sitting in front of a computer barely moving, and at the end of the day you feel like you've been hit by a truck. You most likely fuel your creativity and focus with caffeine,energy drinks, and late-night fast food runs. And getting enough sleep every night or spending quality time with your family? Yeah...right.

I don't believe the concept of "work-life balance" has to be a myth, even if you work a demanding career as a creative professional.

Here's the good news: It is no longer necessary to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your creative work and your career.

People have told me I should charge for this guide. But I'd rather give it to you 100% FREE because I would've given anything to have this information available to me when I was just beginning my journey out of the dark hole towards better health.

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"My #1 takeaway from this guide is...the whole idea of it. This industry is tough on the body and the mind but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm only 20 pages in so far but this guide is super relatable and helpful."

- Anna Terebelo, Assistant Editor

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"Like editors, as a colorist I must stay in the dark for the majority of my workday. The Human Charger device you mention in this guide will likely change my life. What a great find, thank you!"

- Michael Schatz, editor & colorist

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"This Ultimate Guide validates all the feelings I've been struggling with regarding the expected workdays in the film & tv industry. I learned I'm not the only one struggling with being too sedentary and eating too much junk. I am now motivated to make some changes that provide a little more normalcy and calmness!"

- Sarah Furie, Assitant Editor

What's In This FREE Guide?

This 50-page Ultimate Guide is the culmination of 15 years and over $75,000 worth of research and experimentation on myself, as well as working with over a thousand people around the world in various creative industries. This isn't the PDF version of a blog post or a simple list you can skim in five minutes...this is a manifesto on skyrocketing your creativity, no matter how many hours you're stuck behind a computer.

  • Learn my #1 productivity hack on the planet to help you more effectively manage your time and your energy (so you actually have energy left over to live life outside of work!)
  • My 10 favorite apps for mastering email, tasks, and my time
  • Learn five easy ways to incorporate activity into your busy workday that will skyrocket your creative focus (that don't require extra time or a gym membership)
  • Learn why your diet is most likely killing your productivity, why afternoon brain fog doesn't have to be inevitable, and my favorite foods and supplements for boosting focus and brainpower
  • My favorite new device that counteracts the negative effects of working in the dark all day long (this one simple device could literally change your life)
  • 5 easy things you can change to get the most amazing sleep of your life (and actually wake up feeling rested every morning)
  • Learn the most common mistake most people make when trying to improve their health (and the simple psychological tweak that makes reaching your goals WAY easier)

--- About the Author ---

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My name is Zack Arnold. I’m an award-winning film & television editor (Burn Notice, Empire, Shooter, Glee), member of the American Cinema Editors, a documentary director (GO FAR: The Christopher Rush Story), father of two, and the creator of the Optimize Yourself program.  

I help ambitious creative professionals like you who live sedentary lifestyles learn how to more efficiently manage your time, energy, and attention so you can maximize your creative focus and minimize procrastination, depression, and burnout.

When I first began my career as a film editor I believed I was a machine that could work 24/7 and nothing could stop me. Then at the early age of 25 I hit my first giant brick wall of burnout and suicidal depression. It was at that point I decided I would either end my life or figure out a better way to live it. From that day forward I decided I would begin a quest to learn everything possible about blending high performance with creative work in front of a computer. That journey has led me here.

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I created this guide for you 100% FREE because I would've given anything to have this information available to me when I was just beginning my journey out of the dark hole towards better health.

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